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2019 AICP Show Shortlist

Elle Ginter’s McDonalds, Nike, and ALS Association make AICP 2019 Best New Director Shortlist


ALS, Goodnight directed by Elle Ginter, Sanctuary Content

SHOTS: Coveted Shots Shortlist 2018 Announced

With the crème de la crème of creative work being entered by agencies, production companies, VFX studios, post, audio and editing houses around the world, the pre-judging of the shots Awards is always a Herculean effort.

ADWEEK: A Young Girl’s Dreams Have Only One Limitation in This Touching Spot for Pearle Vision

July 30, 2018: 'Olivia' shows that when you can see well, the horizon is endless

ADWEEK: Harrowing PSA Depicts Life With ALS More Effectively Than Any Ice Bucket Challenge

May 8, 2018: MMB campaign puts a human face on the disease...


16 March 2018: ELLE GINTER X MCDONALDS / One of the most widely-discussed brand celebrations of International Women’s Day 2018 was McDonald’s turning their arches upside down, changing the “M” of their logo to a “W,” in symbolic homage to the power of women everywhere.


09 March 2018: Featuring professional skateboarder Mariah Duran, professional ballerina Alison Stroming, and personal trainer Elise Young examine how they’re perceived as athletes...

ADWEEK: McDonald’s Flipped Its Famed Golden Arches for International Women’s Day

March 8, 2018: McDonald’s made a major play to celebrate International Women’s Day this year...

ADWEEK: Editor's Pick

Nov 08, 2017: P&G Brand Debuts Unique Product and Ad for World Prematurity Day

ADWEEK - Top Father's Day Spots

This daughter takes cues from dad in a Buffalo Wild Wings spot that appeals to families, a departure from their usual rowdy game day commercials.


This unlikely duo brought down a dictator. The true story of former prisoner of war Souleymane Guengueng and human rights lawyer Reed Brody and their fight against Chadian dictator Hissène Habré. A summary of their twenty-year friendship, journey to victory and lifetime of trials.


On the surface, Elle Ginter’s road to directing seems pretty unusual...

FOODBEAST "Buffalo Wild Wings Ad is Adorable Tearjerker"

The ad is almost Super Bowl-ish, as it was meant to make you feel something, and it succeeded, as many sports fans can watch and relate.

SHOTS | Waking Up to her Directorial Talent

Elle Ginter’s route into directing wasn’t exactly linear – she studied journalism at university, freelanced as an assistant camera operator, worked on a whale-watching boat and ended up researching depression, but once she was ready, she set about writing and directing Why We Wake with a positive outlook, a strong skillset and a willingness to work that well equips her to take on the commercials industry.


Elle's style blends slight surrealism and intimacy into everyday moments, worshipping both the extreme and the mundane.


CDDP SHOWCASE #1 DEBUTS Industry Panel Addresses Importance of Diversity

Showcase debuted last tonight at the Directors Guild of America Theater in Los Angeles, and featured 13 unsigned directors selected by a blue-ribbon panel of judges comprised of production company executives, directors, and agency producers and creatives. The selected directors are: Elle Ginter; Chad Howitt; Masha Kondakova; Elizabeth Ku-Herrero; Jasmin Kuhn; Stacey Lee; Sonia Malfa; Dina Mande; Monty Marsh; Stacey Muhammad; Bao Nguyen; Sharat Raju; and Sarah Rinaldi.



Some things are difficult to talk about. Those exact same things are even more difficult to make into a film. Director Elle Ginter found a way to turn the subject of depression into a beautiful, heartbreaking portrait of a mental health disorder for her short film Why We Wake. You may be thinking that it may be difficult to watch. But with Elle’s gentle approach and skill for framing an artful scene, she made this film not only something that can be watched, but something that should be watched.


LBB ONLINE Elle Ginter Directs Stylish New Ad For BMW

Directed by Elle Ginter, with Director of Photography Allison Anderson, Retrospect is a 1:30 ode to BMW’s 100th year in business that follows two people back into their life in the 1950’s.

PROMO NEWS | Elle Ginter Presents Spiritual & Cinematic Music Video for Johnny V. Lewis

Stuck in a narrative limbo, we follow a man as he walks through his life as three separate versions of himself (past, present, future) and through clever graphic match-cuts his three selves explore the incredible array of surreal, theatrical scenes laid out in front of him, all with a very melancholy tinge.


MUSIC BED | How Elle Ginter Found Her Seat at the Table

If there is such a thing as a traditional path to directing, Elle Ginter did not take it..



SHOOT ONLINE | Elle Ginter Interview

.....I recently released a short film focusing on a young man who struggles with chronic depression. “Why We Wake” was written based on true moments and feelings relayed to me by members of the film community who had experienced seasons of diagnosed depression. In my 7 years in the industry, I felt this was a silently rampant issue, so my goal for the project was to reach people struggling with that subject and simply communicate that they are not alone. I received countless emails from strangers affirming this, so thankfully I feel that the film resonated well...


SHOOT ONLINE | SHOOT Announces Directors for 14th Annual New Directors Showcase

Among the directors in the Showcase who are as of yet unaffiliated with a production company are, in addition to Sinha: Jacqueline Dow whose selection was based on Spotify’s “Music Everywhere” spec spot; Patrick Finnegan for Freedom, a piece of branded content for the United States Naval Academy; Michael Fiore and Erik Sharkey for the documentary Floyd Norman: An Animated Life; Elle Ginter for the docu short Sugar Plum;...


LBB ONLINE | Elle Ginter Directs Haunting Portrayal of Depression

Directed by Elle Ginter, with cinematographer Daniel Stewart, 'Why We Wake' is a 5-minute film that, through stunning visuals, intimately delves in to a man's depression as he wakes up each morning searching for purpose. The film was written as Elle witnessed family and friends,specifically within the commercial film industry and the military, struggle through various levels of depression, PTSD and chronic anxiety while maintaining successful careers. What truly stands out about this project, however, is the story behind the film...